CWDW Interviews…Brittany Wallrath

Honored to have been interviewed by the lovely Charly of Delightful Writes.

Delightful Writes

CWDW Interviews is an interview series that is found on both my blogs, Delightful Writes and Charly Writes. I interview fun, inspiring, delightful folks that I think you will love! Have a suggestion about who I should interview next? Leave a comment!

I’ve been following Brittany for a while…ever since I knew she went through the same yoga teacher training program I did. So, of course, I did my usual facebook/twitter/general google stalking and began following her. I have yet to meet her, but our worlds are finally getting even closer. This month Brittany connected with Off the Mat Philly and South Jersey, a group near and dear to me, and  spearheaded an awesome food drive in South Jersey. I thought it would be awesome to introduce you to her as her food drive comes to a close tomorrow. Without further ado…

Brittany Wallrath

Yoga Teacher, Brittany Rae Yoga

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