Live the Life of Wellness Worksheet

Have you always wanted to live a life of wellness but not sure how to get organized or how to stay motivated?  Follow these six steps to get your life of wellness started on track!

1: What does wellness mean to YOU?

2: What steps have you taken in the past towards wellness that did not work for you?

3: What steps have you taken that have worked?

4: What can you let go of in your life that does not encourage your wellness goals?

5:  Imagine how you would feel if you were living your ideal healthy lifestyle.  List at least five ways a life of wellness would make you feel (i.e. happy, joyful, proud, successful).

6: Meditate on those feelings and try to bring them into your life RIGHT NOW.  Try to feel those wonderful feelings throughout your days.

Printable WellnessWorksheet!

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