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SOULful Life Interview Series – Thais Guimaraes


The first time I met Thais was via twitter.  Gotta love social media!  She was living near Washington D.C. at the time and we decided to go to a yoga workshop together in Philly and grab dinner afterwords.  Since then she has moved to NJ and I have gotten to know her pretty well via yoga classes, coffee breaks and lunch meets.  If I could briefly describe Thais it would be that she is this radiant ball of pure energy, laughter and excitement.  One of the things that I love about her is her pure passion and positivity.  I think you can pretty much tell her sunshine from this picture!  

Thais Guimaraes




Thais Guimaraes is a registered yoga teacher with lineage in power and Kripalu yoga, and is currently attaining her health coach certification at Institute of Integrative Nutrition. She is avid meditator with a passion for words, food and all things chocolate. People often forget how abundant love is in this world and she hopes to inspire people to keep a clear heart and open mind.


1. What was your previous corporate job and how did you know that it wasn’t right for you?

I worked as an operations coordinator for a solar power company.There were days I loved what I did, and others where I didn’t. I was constantly challenged (which I loved) but never felt respected (which I hated). Despite my desire to leave, I would always push it off. I told myself stories to convince myself that it wasn’t SO bad. But deep down I knew I wasn’t happy. A good sign was when I would dread going to sleep because I didn’t want to go to work the next day. Listen to that deep gut feeling, it never leads you wrong.


2. What was the final push that made you take the big leap towards pursuing your dreams of teaching yoga and being a Holistic Health Coach? How did you know you were doing the right thing?

One day I walked into work and my boss told me she decided to sell the company and that we had 6 weeks of guaranteed pay. So I guess I never made the push, the Universe made it for me. At that moment  I decided I was going to move to NYC. It had always been my dream and I was in a fuck-it-let’s-do-it sort of mood. So I started job hunting in NYC. I was looking for any sort of job that would cover my expenses until I was more settled in. But job hunting was HARD and not fruitful. So when my friend in New Jersey invited me to do some part-time work for them while I continued to job hunt I decided to take the plunge and leave my hometown. Things happened pretty quick at that point; I met an amazing man, found a job that supported my dreams of eventually being my own business, and settled into a life of a Jersey girl. To be honest, I never knew if I was doing the right thing. You never ever really know. All you can do is trust your gut instinct, pray (a LOT), and be willing to take a few punches in the name of your dreams.


3. Did you experience any peer pressure to stick with the typical 9-5 corporate route? 

Of course! The biggest being my parents. They are always quick to remind me that I should be making more money, working a corporate job where my talents will be seen, and using my finance degree from Boston University. It’s super hard because I want to make my parents proud, but I also know that I wasn’t happy in that world. They aren’t living my life, I am. I have to live with whatever decisions I make. So why not make ones that will get me excited about life?


4. Any regrets or things you might have done differently? 

Saved more money! Money in the bank is a powerful thing when you are going after your dreams.


5. What are some things you LOVE about your life now? 

I love the man I wake up next to. I love teaching yoga as the sun rises behind me. I love knowing that life will support my every decision. It’s that sort of faith that makes your dream exciting.


6. Any tips for people wanting to move from the corporate life to their dream job?


Every one of us has an exciting future ahead of us. Some of us aren’t able to just quit our jobs. Others aren’t sure what they want to do even if they did quit. Trust the timing of the Universe. Everything will happen at the right time. Have faith in yourself. OH and be careful with what advice you take! Just because it worked for someone doesn’t mean it’s right for you. ALWAYS trust your instincts above everything else. It’s there to keep you aligned with your true calling. It will never let you down.


Thank YOU Thais!!


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