5 Steps to Start a Sadhana

A Sadhana is a practice of connecting you to your intention and purpose – in a focused and mindful way.  In short, it is a daily personal practice or ritual, typically done first thing in the morning, which can sometimes include meditation, yoga, pranayama and anything else you would like to add to it.

People tend to be turned off from Sadhana for (1) not wanting to wake up early and (2) they have no idea what it really is.  Here are 5 ways to bring a Sadhana into your life, easy and (almost) effortless!

1.) Create a space – this is key!  You’ll want to find a quiet space to practice your Sadhana.  This could be a small corner in your room or a large open space, work with whatever you have.  In that space, you’ll want to make an altar.  This can consist of one or multiple things that you love.  Flowers, candles, pictures of loved ones, post-it notes with powerful sayings, etc.  Make this a space that you want to go to and will feel comfortable in.

2.) Plan – before you begin, get clear about what you’ll want to do during your Sadhana and how long it will take you.  I encourage you to start with meditation, move to pranayama and end with yoga.

3.) Go to bed earlier – Because you’ll be getting up 10-30 minutes earlier, make sure to go to sleep earlier the night before.

4.) Make a commitment – As much as you’ll want to hit snooze, stay committed.  Tell your family that you are doing this and encourage them to respect your Sadhana time.  If you happen to miss a day, no biggie.  Just make sure to start again the next day.  Remember, this is a continuous practice, so relax and enjoy!

5.) Morning vs Night – If you know that there is no possible way that you will be able to do this in the morning than make your Sadhana a nighttime thing.  Work it around YOUR schedule.

This is just a broad over view of how to start a Sadhana.  If you are looking for a more in depth learning experience I invite you to join this 40 Day Virtual Sadhana Community!



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