My Story

I became passionate about detoxing but it wasn’t a stroll in the park.

I hit a wall in my life…more like I hit the couch… Stressed, overweight, under nourished and in need of a major life re-vamp.  I had just had two back-to-back shoulder surgeries, was out of work (Bored!), and unable to be active so I turned to baking and cooking AND eating.  Fast food, nachos, burgers, the heart-attack-waiting-to-happen kind of foods.  I gained 30 pounds, had absolute horrible acne and felt depressed, bored, irritable and just plain “blah”.  I started yoga after my shoulder surgeries to help ease the pain (which it did) but I also learned more about my SOUL and what it was actually craving (physically and mentally).  I knew I needed to change because I couldn’t deal with gaining one more pound!  I was also pretty exhausted, tired and wanted energy and passion.

I browsed through yoga websites daily and started teaching myself how to eat properly.  I learned what kale was, how to make yummy green smoothies and that beets are actually pretty darn delish!  As I started walking (running) towards a more clean diet the weight started coming off and my energy started rising.


Blah to SOULful

What really pushed me over the kale loving edge was when I stumbled my way into a three-day detox.  L-O-V-E at first glance.  I learned a lot from the detox, about myself, my eating habits and how to bring what I learned into my everyday lifestyle.  When people think detox or cleanse, they tend to think of removing but that is not the case AT ALL.  It’s a simple formula really.  Subtract the evil, add the wonderful.  Think nourish not strip. My detox started with food and each time I detoxed I added more of my own wellness ideas and tips into it which made my experience a total wellness detox — mind, body and SOUL.  This was important for me, I needed the WHOLE PACKAGE.

Today, I am proud to say I have lost over 25 pounds!  Not only have I lost weight, I am more energized, focused, confident and HAPPY.  I have completed several 5k’s, a 10 mile Broad Street Run and a sprint Triathlon, all while enjoying cupcake every now and then.  I was able to find balance (had to find balance) because I never want to give up the comfort foods that I do enjoy.

My goal is to help EVERYONE find their perfect balance.  Achieve their greatest goals.  Feel confident, happy and PROUD of who they are and to realize that a healthy life is all about finding balance in the mind, body and SOUL.

To learn more about the 21 Day be SOULful Program head over HERE

Author: bonjourb.

dreamer. writer. yogi. Francophile.


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