the art of rest




All ways one could describe rest.

I’ve spent the past 48 hours under the weather — resting.  Resting comes easy to me, I am a true Kapha at heart, staying in one position for a long time is like my soul bff.  (My mom is probably laughing and can agree to this when she reads it).  Call it lazy.  Call it whatever you want.  To me resting is necessary and when we don’t schedule routine ‘rests’ in, our bodies will make us slow down and rest, hence the past 48 hours for me.

I went into work 8:30 Monday morning, determined to be higher than a little sickness, nothing-going-to-slow-me-down type of attitude.  9:30am I was in my car driving back to my house.  My bed in particular.  Yup, it slowed me down, but to be honest I welcomed the rest.

My hope with writing this post is for people to understand that rest is needed.  It is not selfish or lazy.  It is simply a way to recharge — to allow you to be even more present towards everyone else in your life.  

the art of rest

Your bed will be your home for the duration.  make it comfy cozy.

If you have a tv in your room (I do not), unplug the cable box.  Those reality shows only cause more stress in your life, and although I am a reality tv junkie, they are not appropriate during your rest time.

Movies on the other hand are.  Pick one really good movie and enjoy it.

Sleep and sleep some more.  I am not a nap person but I welcome naps during my resting days.

No work.  Unless it is work you are passionate about and that empowers and energizes you.

Drink lots of herbal tea in a really adorable mug.

Stay in your pajamas, all day long.

Keep your phone on silent and only check it once an hour or two, if you must.

Take a bath or a long shower.  Enjoy the steam of the hot water.

Make foods that are easy and quick but still delish.

Savor this time and plan another one very soon.


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