How to Know if You are Doing Yoga Right?

Yoga is my life and I have spent many hours/days/years studying it.  There are so many different types of yoga but no matter what type you are doing, I have found that there are five ways to tell if you are doing yoga right.

5 Ways to know You are Doing Yoga Right

1.) You are smiling
2.) You laugh when you fall
3.) You listen to what your body needs
4.) You don’t strive for perfection
5.) You know you are doing it right because it just feels right

Groundbreaking information, right?!  🙂

Yoga is not about perfection or making sure you are getting into a pose better/deeper than the person practicing next to you.  Yoga is about compassion, happiness and peace.  So, next time you fall in balancing-half-moon or look to the person next to you to see if you are deeper than they are in warrior 2, take a moment to come back to yourself.  Are you doing yoga right? Are you happy? Are you openhearted? Are you smiling?

3 thoughts on “How to Know if You are Doing Yoga Right?”

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