The Art of Failure

Living in a society where failure is a looked down upon is pretty tough.  Every time we fail, we instantly put ourselves down, get angry, feel stupid.

It sucks…and I am so tired of living with that mentality.  

I certainly do not believe that everything happens for a reason but I do believe that there is something to learn in every mistake and every failure.

Failure is a big part of my life. I fail every day and I’m pretty hard on myself when it happens. But I’m tired of being upset with myself over my failures. Even more so, I’m tired of seeing other people upset about their failures. Let’s start learning from each mistake.  Let’s start looking at our failures as chances to revise, revisit, and transform into something even better than we originally imagined.

Here are three action steps to take to welcome failure:

1: Recognize – Start to notice your thoughts when you fail.  What do you tell yourself? What are your emotions like? How do you interact with other people around you? Be aware.

When I fail, I find myself becoming so upset and right away start putting myself down.   I become soaked in negativity and regret; it is all I think about, it consumes me.  Instead, when I meet failure, I can start to recognize how it effects me and how I treat myself and everyone around me.  I can start to realize that it is a waste of time to be so negative over failure.

2: Figure it out – What didn’t work? Where did the failure occur?

Instead of thinking your whole plan or action was a failure, look at what exactly went wrong.  Where did it change from on course to off.  Try to be specific.

3: Revise – once you figure out what the issues were, revise your plan and try again.

After figuring out what went wrong, revise the plan.  Maybe it wasn’t exactly what you had originally wanted but it could turn out for the better.  What can you change? How can you try again?

4: Repeat – If you fail again, see #1.

It’s all a process to expand, grow and be our best selves. Be proud of your failures. Know that failure is apart of growth.  If your 2nd attempt does not work, all you have to do is revisit number 1.

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