5 Steps to End New Year’s Resolution Paranoia


I love goal setting. I am totally obsessed with it. Which is why most people are shocked that I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions. Well, so-to-speak I don’t. You see, I already know my big, bold, outrageous life goals and yes they change from time to time but they are always essentially the same. I use the New Year and my birthday as a time to check in, reevaluate and revise my big life goals. So while I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions I do give myself a New Year’s kick-in-the-butt goal setting check in.

When I think of New Year’s Resolution I think of unbroken promises and dreams.  It’s a little sad, my outlook but it is the truth.  We so rarely live up to the expectations we set for ourselves in the beginning of the year because we are not focused enough or our goals and visions change.  Next thing you know, a year has passed and there you are setting the same New Year’s Resolution as last year, determined that “this will be the year!”  I’m guilty of it and I know so many people who are guilty of it as well.  So I threw in the New Year’s Resolution towel.  Wasn’t my style, didn’t like the way it felt, ditched it like a bad boyfriend.

You see, we can make promises to ourselves all we want.  Promises are not going to do a darn thing without action, follow through, revisions and celebration.  I know because, like I said, I am a goal setting dork. It makes my heart beat fast and the corners of my mouth start to turn up.  We can certainly set one year goals but we need to have a bigger picture in mind.

Big, Bold Vision:  Know what you want deep down to your soul.  What makes you happy?  What makes you giggle with excitement?  What would you love to spend the rest of your life doing?  Set a big life goal. Huge. One that you might think is never going to be possible.   Then start to reel it in a little.  What are some things you could do in 5 years that would help you reach that big goal? What are some things you could do in 3 years to help you achieve your 5 year goals? 1 year? 6 months? 3 months? Today?
Action:  We can dream all we want but unless we put the pedal to the metal you won’t go anywhere.  Think of someone in your life who holds you accountable, someone who might not necessarily tell you what you want to hear.  Make them your designated “Make Shit Happen” BFF. Have them get in touch with you once or twice a month to make sure you are taking action and to see where you are with your goals.

Revise the Plan:  Failure happens; it is natural and totally a necessary part of any process.  If you happen to fail or fall off track, use this as a chance to revise your goals. If your goals are still the same, it most likely is the root of a deeper issue.  Call up your “Make Shit Happen” BFF and do a little strategy session.  Let go of what did not work. Revise it to what you think will.

Rest:  Burnout happens, even when we are working towards our passions.  Make sure you are taking ample rest and relaxation time.  It is ok to be selfish and shut out the world for a little bit.  Resting is an important way for us to be inspired and reignite that burning flame.  Take a bath, take a yoga class or cook yourself a really yummy meal.
Celebrate:  Every time you tackle a goal, be proud. Let your hair down and celebrate (maybe even with your “Make Shit Happen” BFF).  Know that your hard work is paying off and that you will reach your goals and you don’t need a darn New Year’s Resolution to do it!

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