Setting The Stage – Organizing 101

If you ask my Mom, she’ll be the first to tell you I am not a natural organizer.

In fact, I hate cleaning and organizing.

My sister can make a pigsty into a luxurious, dreamy room in the amount of time it takes me to simply organize my sock drawer.  Sigh.

It takes me a lot of work, time and energy to make my room, car and workspace clean and organized.  And I often put it off for days months. And to be honest, most of the time I just beg, plead, pay my sister to do it for me.

But a month ago something changed.  Call it breakdown. Call it a moment of rage. Call it whatever your little heart desires. All I know is that I walked into my room and felt this heaviness come over me. Weight on my shoulders. I could not find anything. I could not see the floor (tmi?). And it was causing me so much stress. Something switched in my mind and I turned into an organizing machine. I cancelled all plans for the next two days and completely tore apart my room and car. I learned some things along the way that I hope you will find useful in your organizing process.

P.S. I am no professional organizer.  There is probably a million better ways to organize. But this worked for me and I’m stickin’ to it!

Time: I know, we are all busy. But you will never find the time if you don’t make it. Take a day or two out of your schedule and cancel all of your plans. Get a baby sitter if you need to. Don’t let anything come in the way of creating a space that you love to be in.

Tackle: Know the basic areas of the space you want to organize.  Let’s stick with the bedroom theme for this article. You would break it down to dresser, closet, desk, night stand and any other areas you have in your room. Know what areas to tackle.

Order: Pick what area you want to start with first. Take everything out of that area and sort it into three different piles Keep, Trash, Donate.  Sort everything into those three piles.  Everything that you put in the “keep” pile should then be neatly folded/organized and placed back into the area in which it was.  If there is a better area for it, move it to that space now. Once you are finished with one area, move onto the next until all the areas are organized.

Trash: It can be really liberating to throw away the stuff we no longer need. It can also be extremely terrifying.  It is always hard to let go. Make sure you are only throwing away things that you do not need and that do not serve you. If you haven’t used it in a year, chances are it can either be thrown away or donated. Also make sure you are not throwing away stuff that can be donated. If you are having trouble letting go, come back to the reason you wanted to organize and clean. We have to let go if we want to bring new things/emotions into our lives. Be brave here.

Donate: Contact your local donation spots and organize a drop off time or better yet, take it there right now!

Stage: Now that your space is completely organized and free of anything you don’t need it is time to create it into a space you actually want to be in. Clean and vacuum. Then fill the space with candles, flowers and anything else that makes you feel cozy, confident and joyful.

Being organized just makes life easy. Now I know where everything is. I don’t spend hours trying to find something. My mornings are easy and I am not rushing trying to get ready and run out the door. I am creating the space and setting the stage for the life I want to live.

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