New Year & Moon Cycle Training (it’s free!)

January 1st marks the beginning of a New Year and a New Moon. moon

Typically, at the beginning of each year we set New Year’s Resolutions for ourselves. Goals and dreams which we hope to achieve within the year. We set them with the best intentions but by February or March they start to become forgotten and lost.  Setting goals for the whole year is important but these goals are often too big and grand and can seem impossible to achieve after a few months pass.

In order to make sure we stay committed to our yearlong goals it is important to take this bigger goal and break it down into smaller monthly goals.  When we achieve these smaller goals it makes us excited and inspired to continue to work towards the bigger goal. Think of it as winning small victories each month.

Just as the moons forces affect the tides of the ocean; it also affects our emotions and actions, after all we are made up of 80% water. When we are aware of the moon energies we can use them to our advantage in goal setting, clearing space and welcoming in new.

Join me on Monday, December 30th for a New Year & Moon Cycle Video Training (it’s free!)

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We’ll explore why New Year’s Resolutions don’t work, how to set attainable goals and using the moon cycles to our advantage.

You will be emailed the video training and can watch it whenever you have time to.

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