5 Ways to Change the World

No cape needed.1955082233_1367684412

Leave your ego at the door.

These are simple but mighty ways to change the world.

Gratitude: Be grateful for all that you have and everything around you. Start a gratitude journal and learn that even the smallest, everyday things can provide space for gratitude. Oh, and say thank you more often than you think.

Smile: When you pass someone on the street, when someone holds the door for you, when you see someone looking gloomy, smile. It’s amazing how a simple smile can brighten someone’s day.

Forgive: Forgive your enemies. Understand that we are all somehow in pain but we all show it differently. Forgive them and be grateful for whatever they have taught you.

Love: Open your heart. Love your neighbors, your family and friends, your enemies and the ones who have passed. Honor each and every life, especially your own.

Be Brave: Go for your passions. Do what makes you happy. Stop worrying about what other people think. Honor yourself by living the life you want to live.

Call to Action — Can you commit to doing one of these a day? Leave a comment below stating your commitment to changing the world.


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