Your One Page Manifesto!

Do you know what a Manifesto is? manifesto

A Manifesto is a published declaration of your intentions.

It seems every big, hip or pretty awesome business has one. And I think you should too.

Still in the month of January, what a better opportunity to take our goals and intentions for the year and place them on a one page sheet to easily read and see throughout your day.

I have created a One Page Manifesto Booklet for you to use as a guide to create your very own.

Find some quiet time, sit down and really dig deep into what you want for your year and what inspires you. Once you have created your one page manifesto, place it in an area where you will see it throughout the day. Let this inspire you, allow you to grow and find passion in your day to day life.

This is meant to be shared, so please pass along to anyone you think may be interested!

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