Dream On, Dreamer.

I often live my life in a constant state of dreamland.

I am a Pisces after all. Dreaming is one of our greatest gifts.

But if not used right, it can also be one of our greatest faults.


Dreaming can make us feel like reality is way worse than it is.

Of course we only dream about roses and daisies and happy, joyful things. So when reality gets hard, sad, depressed or angry, we have a tendency to think that our life is horrible. The truth is we need negative to really feel and appreciate positive. Feeling sad and angry sometimes is normal. It’s acceptable. And it’s necessary.

Dreaming can make us get too caught up in the future and often lose sight of the present.

This year I am all about bringing patience and presence into my life. I have spent way too much time focusing on the future and wanting my dreams to happen in my life asap. But it’s just not reality. Goals take time. They take planning. They take small victories and failures. It’s a process. Learn to enjoy the ride.

Dreaming can make us set completely unrealistic goals.

Yes, it’s true, I dream about traveling the world with Leonardo DiCaprio but really will that ever happen? H-E-L-L No. (sadly J!) Dream whatever you want to dream, but just know some dreams are unrealistic. Don’t get too caught up in them.

How can we use dreams to our advantage?

We can focus on dreams that are realistic.

We can learn to not rush our dreams and let them happen when the time is right.

We can set small, monthly goals to help turn our dreams into reality.

We can invite failure into our lives and learn to try again.

We can listen and understand our dreams.

We can make small changes in our lives to welcome in our dreams and goals.

“Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning.” Gloria Steinem

SOUL Action: What are you dreaming about these days? What small steps can you start to make to turn your dreams into reality?

Dream on Dreamer.

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