Using Anger in a Positive Way

I am not typically an angry person. Spending my life being happy and joyful is important to me. It feeds me. But if I am going to be honest here, lately I have been experiencing deep anger and rage.

Anger and rage are not words in my vocabulary. I avoid them in all areas of my life.

Even if that means faking it.

Even if that means lying to myself.

But what I have learned is faking and lying about your emotions is unhealthy. It means that I have been sitting on the sidelines, not experiencing life to its fullest and not using my emotions in a proper and most effective way.

Anger and rage are good. They feed the soul as much as joy and happiness. They create passion and amazing fire energy.

When you feel anger or rage, ask yourself this:

  • What are you specifically angry about?
  • Are you angry because you need change?
  • Are you angry because you are settling?
  • Are you angry because of circumstances outside of your control?
  • How can you use your anger in a positive way?
  • How can you use your anger as passion and positive fire energy?

Since you cannot change anyone else, how can you change yourself to better use this emotion?

When we start to get angry at a situation, we can take a moment to pause and process.  Where is the anger rooted from? What change is needed? Personally, I have become so angry due to politics lately. Yes, I can ignore this anger. Yes, I can tell myself that I alone cannot change the way the world works. But those are barriers that I have created for myself. Those are lies. Surely if everyone thought this way change would never happen.

SOUL Tip: Hiding anger is never appropriate. Feel what you feel. Acknowledge it. Use it to spark a positive fire inside of you. Use it to make the changes necessary in your life.


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