The Beauty in the Beast

beauty_and_the_beast_by_fernl-d4cwobhHeaded to the Poconos on Saturday I kept hearing the phrase ‘Beauty in the Beast’ on the radio. As the natural yoga weirdo that I am, I figured I had to connect this to yoga somehow. Beauty in the Beast would prove to be the theme of the week!

I broke it down into three different phases (1) Finding the beauty in every pose and only focusing on that (2) Finding the beast in every pose and only focusing on that (3) Being conscious of the beast and the beauty in every pose.

Every time we step onto our mat, we are greeted with different emotions, thoughts, physical boundaries or releases. Every day on the mat is different. We can be happy, sad, angry or joyful; no emotion is right or wrong. At the same time, each and every pose can be different for us. Warrior 2 might feel amazing one day and the next day feel like complete torture. Start to become aware of your thought patterns when you practice. Notice which phase you tend to move towards in each pose or throughout your whole practice. Be conscious of your patterns.

The Three Phases:

(1)    Finding the beauty

In your favorite poses, this can be really easy to do. If you simply adore a pose, it will be so easy to find the beauty in it; to feel its splendor. On the other hand, if you cannot stand a pose and tend to only think of the negative (the beast) it will be really hard to switch your thoughts and only focus on the beauty.

(2)    Finding the beast

The beast is the pain, the anger, the irritation that comes up in poses. Often times this is easier to focus on the beast than the beauty because it’s more dominant in our thoughts.

(3)    Finding the beauty in the beast

This is my favorite. Can you be conscious of the beast, while still being conscious of the beauty? For example, in Crescent lunge, maybe your legs get so easily tired, sore and beastly but at the same time your heart feels open and filled with beauty.

I encourage you to take this into your practice this week. First, just start to become aware of your natural thought pattern and which phase you tend to naturally go to. Then if you want to change it to a specific phase, make that your intention for your practice. I find the third phase, finding the beauty in the beast, to be my intention in each practice. Just like in life, we are all faced with challenges and beasts, but we can always find the beauty in every situation if we look hard enough.



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