Detox Gone Bad

Not all detoxes are created equal. I know this, I study this, I have a passion for this.

I was in a big slump, feeling very “blah” and I knew the first thing I needed to change was my eating habits.  More greens, less doughnuts.  I didn’t want to do my own personal detox; I wanted to try something new, something different. So I googled, I searched and I came across a vegan detox that looked pretty decent so I clicked ‘purchase’.

The PDF booklet of the detox was sent right to my email and I started glancing through it. Some days seemed pretty good and others barely had enough food for a rabbit.  This was not a detox; it was more like a starvation diet.  My stomach yearned for food just looking at it.  And I was a little sad. A lot sad. I decided to continue to do the detox anyway but add more to it, particularly protein.

Day one was decent; your typical detox day one. But after that it took a deep downhill turn. You see, I wasn’t eating enough and I knew it. But I decided to stick with it just because, just to see, just to test it out.

I lasted 4 out of the 5 days.

Besides my huge drop in energy, I had physically become weaker, I gained weight (yup, gained!), my skin broke out, my stomach was allllllll messed up and I was in a deep state of irritation.

After consulting (whining) to my bff and bf, they both told me what I already knew but didn’t want to listen to. I know my body, I know what it needs. I deprived it of what it needed and my physical and emotional state was going way out of balance to tell me to stop. Detoxes should be about feeling good. They should give you boatloads of energy and make your skin glow like the sunshine. But this was a detox gone bad, simply because I wasn’t listening to what I needed.

My hope for you is that you take this lesson that I learned and apply it to your own life.  It can be so easy to press ‘buy now’ after reading a sneaky good marketing campaign and jump right in without consulting with your needs first.  Become in tune with what your body requests, what your soul craves and what you need on a daily basis to live an optimal healthy lifestyle.


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