“Yoga” Belly Beware

I received an email yesterday from Prevention Magazine titled ‘Get a lean, sexy “yoga” belly’.

This infuriated me.

I’ve always distanced myself from anything that was related to getting a certain type of body based on a profession or activity. Yet the more I distance myself the more I see programs coming out. “Get a yoga body”. “Get a dancers body”. “Get a surfers body”. “Get a swimmers body”.

We are all born with our own glorious body type. Individual to us and us only. Why would I want to lump myself into some category and try to look like something that I will never look like. I will never have a (via media standards) “dancer’s body” despite the fact that I do actually dance because I am naturally curvy (and I want to keep my curves, thank you very much).

And back to the whole “yoga” belly part. Every single person that I know that practices and/or teaches yoga has a different belly. Some are flat, some are not. Some days mine is flat and some days mine is more like a Buddha belly.

So the next time you see an advertisement, book, product labeled like this, run.

Be proud of “your” body.




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