Today I choose joy

This week I had a revelation.

For the past month, maybe even two, I’ve been waking up with the first thought in my head being “ugh, I don’t want to (insert horrible event here, i.e. go to work, get out of bed)”.

What a horrible way to start my day. Negative from the first moment I wake up; which most certainly carried into the rest of my day. So I decided to have a little experiment.

What would happen if I changed my first thought in the morning to a positive mantra? Something like: “In every situation I can choose pain or joy. Today I choose joy. I am the only person who can determine my happiness.”

So for the past week, I have been using that mantra each morning and even throughout the day when I start to get caught up in the negative. And let me tell you, my level of joy from sunrise to sunset has profoundly improved.

By using this simple mantra each morning I:

  • Increased my energy, on the same amount of sleep
  • Go throughout my days happier and more excited
  • Re-sparked my creativity and inspiration
  • Feel more confident
  • Spread my happiness to everyone I speak with (it’s contagious!)
  • Feel the need to eat cleaner
  • Sleep more soundly

All of these positive improvements in my life by simply changing my first thought in the morning! Amazing.

Soul Tip: Set a personal mantra to tell yourself each morning and see your life to start shift from pain to joy!


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