What I Wish I Had Known – Gigi Yogini

Starting anything new can be scary. It’s open space. Unexplored territory.

Things could go really wrong.

Or they could go wonderfully well.

Thankfully, for me and so many others that I know, starting yoga has went wonderfully well. So wonderfully.

With that in mind, I decided to reach out to a few of my favorite yoga teachers and friends and ask them “What they wish they had known when they started yoga”

I hope you find these inspiring and encouraging to start, restart or deepen your current practice.  I’ll be posting a new one every few days!  First up, the fabulous Gigi Yogini:


Gigi Yogini (Brigitte Kouba)


“I wish I had known that using props was not a sign of weakness but rather my willingness to make the poses work for my unique body.”

Say Hi to Gigi Yogini:






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