you can’t do everything

I’m a big believer in goals and lists. It’s what keeps me in check with what I want and what I need to do in order to get to where I want to be.

I have a list, not a written one but a mental one, of things I would like to accomplish in my lifetime. Write a book, travel to certain places, open a studio, enter a dance competition, learn French…you get the picture. I’d say most people have these lists filled with their own dreams.

But the reality is we probably won’t be able to do them all. And we certainly should not consider us not being able to everything a failure. It’s just life. Reality. #realtalk (sorry).

Take a good look mentally or at your actual written list, your bucket list, and go through everything that you have attempted to do several times but have never been able to finish. Maybe reading Anna Karenina is something you want to do in your life but you’ve opened the book at least 20 times and can’t get past page 10 because it is just. so. darn. long. Maybe you’ve wanted to learn how to speak Italian. You’ve committed to taking lessons several times throughout your life and you just couldn’t make it stick, couldn’t find the time.

Check it off your list. Just as if you would if you have read every page of Anna Karenina. Act as if you have completed it. Go ahead, I give you full permission.

Why? Because it is liberating. It’s a weight off of your bucket list shoulders.

We want so much in life and we will never be able to do everything so why let it drag you down. Focus on the dreams and parts of the list that make you really excited. That get your heart beating really fast and that puts a big smile on your face which you cannot get rid of no matter what. Everything else isn’t worth your energy or your time.

And I speak from experience. I’ve checked Anna Karenina off my list of must reads around the age of 21. I settled for the movie.

If you still find yourself dreaming about it then maybe add it back on if it makes you positively gleeful. Otherwise, act as though you’ve completed it.

Close this browser and check some items off your list. Feel lighter. Be free!


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