Balanced is Boring

There is a big theme in yoga and I started to notice it even in my own writing and product photomarketing.


Apparently we all want it. We all crave it. But most of us don’t have it, can’t find it or make it into something bigger than it actually is. I know how to create a balanced life and deep down most people know too. Organize, cut back on things that don’t really serve me, that don’t feed me and wah-la, free space/time to balance, whatever that means to you.

The thing is though, when I do that, cut back on my activities and side work, it’s nice for a day or two but then boredom sets in. Deep boredom and I immediately fill that time back up with something else.

So I have come to a life shifting conclusion: I crave chaos. I need my life to be a little wild — bursting at the seams, because that is what gives me inspiration and courage. That is what feeds me; pure unbridled chaos. And sure I have my moments when I want to quit everything and never leave my bed because I feel so exhausted. I give myself rest days and time to unwind but most of the time I am on the run, constant movement, constant thought, constant. And I am ok with that. To me, that is balance.

I urge you to create your own meaning of balance. What works for you? What feeds your soul? What drives you? What sparks your creativity?

Because the media driven definition of balance may not be what you need.


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