Sweet Independence from Our Shadows

photoI crave independence in every part of my existence. Ties that hold me down make me rage. Ties that are put upon me or ties that I put upon myself. Every single day, I am working towards removing them, one tiny thread at a time.

From birth we develop reservations, fears, self-doubts about who we should be, how we should act, who we should become. These fears become our shadows and we carry them around with us every day, every minute. Sometimes we can ignore them, forget about them and then suddenly they will creep back into our consciousness out of nowhere and start to tie us back down. Telling us we shouldn’t be who we want to be, we shouldn’t act how we want to act. They mess with us, they bring out our worst emotions, they make us act foolish and irrational. Because of this, it is only natural to stuff our shadows deep inside of us, forget they are there, act like everything is fine.

But we do not want to ignore our shadows.

In fact we need to work them, anger them, bring them to the surface to boil and see what happens when you push through, when you can stare at your shadow with confidence and grace.

  • What or who makes you angry, uncomfortable, fearful?
  • What happens when you are put in those situations? How do you react?
  • Why do you think you react that way?
  • Can you think of a time in your past where that reaction might be rooted from?
  • When put in those situations in the future, how can look your shadow in the face and commit to not letting it get to you?

If we can continuously ask ourselves those questions each time our shadow starts to stir, each time we start to get angry, doubtful, uncomfortable, then we can begin to break our threads. We can start to rip off our ties and move towards a life of independence and freedom.

Sweet joy and liberty.

Sweet sweet freedom.


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