I like to take things that I do multiple times a day and turn them into joyful reminders.

You’ve heard of lifehacks, I call these soulhacks.

Taking simple tasks like sitting at your desk, blow-drying your hair and/or getting coffee and turning them into moments to reconnect with your soul.

How many times a day do you enter your password for your email or computer?

Many many times.

So why not take that opportunity to reconnect with your true north. Change your password to an inspiring mantra. Whether you want to bring more travel, money, love, etc. into your life, make a password related to just that. So every time you log onto your computer or email you will remind yourself of your deepest dreams and goals. How is that for a kick of inspiration!

How about sitting, how many times a day do you go through the act of sitting in a chair.

Probably a lot.

Make it a habit to sit down, close your eyes and take a long deep breath.  It seems so simple but instantly calms you and settles away any tension.

These are just two easy examples of soulhacks that you can use as a way to reconnect.

Soul Action: Take some time to think about things that you do multiple times a day, things that you don’t even think about. How can you turn those moments into moments of joy and connection?


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