Who are you benefiting?

Everything we do affects someone else on some level.

Even if we don’t mean for it to. Even if we think it will.

When you start something new, can you ask yourself what this will do for you and what this will do for the world? If you are starting a project and it only benefits you, chances are it will not be sustainable long term. If it only benefits the world and will leave you drained, then again chances are it will not be sustainable. But when you can find something that benefits and supports you and the world then you have a keeper.

Driving down the road, you pop in a piece of gum in your mouth and have two choices of what you can do with the wrapper. Choice A being to throw it out the window and Choice B being to put it in your cup holder and throw it in the trash when you exit your car. There are positive and negatives to both choices. Choice A allows for convenience to you, it’s easy to roll down your window and throw the trash out; it’s one less thing you have to do in the future. So yes, it is a benefit for you in the short term, but is it a benefit for the world? Heck-to-the-no. Choice B allows for a cleaner environment, less trash on the streets and an overall benefit to the world. Though it is not really convenient for you, it provides a clean environment for you to live in which will greatly reduce stress and anxiety as well as improve relaxation and tranquility.

Choice B:

Benefits the world? Check!

Benefits you? Check!

Really that was an extremely basic example but do you get my point now?

Every action you take, every plan you make, every goal you decide to conquer needs to benefit not only you but also the world. Because in the end, what benefits the world will also benefit you.

Soul Action: Ask yourself how and why this will benefit you and then how and why this will benefit the world.


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