Did you declare a great adventure for the summer?

It happens every season.

We proclaim we will absolutely do this amazing, once in a lifetime, exciting thing by the end of the season.

And then the end of the season comes and goes and we never had the opportunity to do that incredible ‘thing’.

Did you declare a great adventure for the summer? Maybe a road trip to surf the waves at the beach, an afternoon hike in the mountains, an evening of homemade meals and laughter with your closest friends…


  • Take this email as your sign.
  • Your opportunity.
  • Your excuse to do that one thing you have wanted to do all summer.

Do not take no for an answer. Create space in your calendar to make it happen this weekend. There are times for dreaming and times for doing and this, my dear, is a time for doing. Excuses? We’ve all got them but they won’t do you any good here, so you might as well just say goodbye to them now. Now close this little email and get to planning.

Make it happen, love. Leave a comment below declaring your weekend adventure!




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