What’s Your Hypothesis?



What’s the first thing that pops into your head when you hear the word experiment? Maybe middle school science class?

I live my life based on experiments. In a way that nearly everything I do is an experiment.

I do this based on two reasons:

  1. If it is an experiment, there is no such thing as failure. Outcomes of experiments are not based on winning or failing, they are based on conclusions. Once you have a conclusion, you can compare it to your hypothesis and then from there suggest ways to better the experiment. So every time I do an experiment, failure is never a possibility, my only choice is to look at the process and find ways to either improve it or let go of it and move on.
  2. If I mess up mid-way and veer off of my intended path it doesn’t mean that the whole thing is over. It gives me a chance to reevaluate the reasons I am doing something and motivate myself to get back onto track. It’s not an all or nothing process. Error will happen and that is ok.

The month of August I created a #ReBagIt Challenge and invited all of my Facebook friends to join.  This experiment was to see if we could go a whole month without using plastic bags from stores. This brought attention to our overuse and waste of plastic bags and personally brought attention to how much I purchase on a weekly basis. The beginning was fairly easy; “I don’t need a bag” was all I really had to say. There were times I wouldn’t even remember until the cashier had already bagged everything. At which point I would kindly tell them I don’t need a bag and explain why. Times also happened when I down right completely forgot until the bags were in my car. What I learned from this experiment was that I buy way to much stuff and I have a horrible memory even in relation to things that are important to me. Going forward, I will try to find creative ways to remember things and also remind myself to buy less.

I am also currently doing a 30 Day No Drinking Experiment. Now, when I first decided to do this (19 days ago) I didn’t really have any clear goals, reasons or even a number of days that I wanted to do it for. In a moment of BBQ-outdoor-summer-weather-weakness, day 15 I had a glass of champagne. I don’t even want to call it a weakness because that ‘error’ was what helped me get clear on my no drinking experiment. So, it took be until day 15, post champagne, to get solid on my goals and affirm my 30 days as the number I wanted to do. I’ll keep you posted on the results come day 30! But this was a great way for me to learn that I need clear, solid goals and reasons why. I need a hypothesis.

Experiments can be used for anything. Work, relationships, lifestyle changes.

  • Curious how something works, experiment it.
  • Want to do something you are nervous about, experiment it.

I’ve created a guide for you to plan out your experiments with. Use it, share it, love it, and let the experimenting begin!

Get your Soul Experiments Guide here!



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