The Opposite of Meditating

It is a rainy Thursday here in New Jersey. There is something that I love so dearly about the rain. It puts me in a dreamy state of mind.

Daydreaming for me is my own little personal form of meditation. Though sort of the opposite of meditation, I choose to let my mind wander, go where it wants to, let go of any urges to control.

It instantly refreshes me. Stirs my creativity. Sparks my soul.

A meditation practice is important don’t get me wrong, but a daydreaming practice is just as equally important. Take some time today to set aside at least five minutes to do nothing but daydream. No control, no fear, no thinking “that dream will never happen”. Just close your eyes and let your mind go where it needs to go. If you need a prompt to get started, think of your dream vacation spot, your dream lifestyle or your dream career. From there just see what happens. Let it play out, you might be surprised along the way!

Where will your daydreams take you?

Much Love,



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