because you must


Why do writers write, painters paint, singers sing?

Because they must.

Because they absolutely have to.

Because the outcome doesn’t matter, the process is what they enjoy, what they crave, what they whole heartedly need to do.

It is passion and inspiration. It’s a hunger and burning desire to express.

A writer writes because they simply must. They need to get the words out on paper or they will feel untrue to the core of who they are.

Distractions don’t happen because they don’t let them. Time magically appears because they form it. Anxiety slips away because the need to express is greater than the fear.

If you look deep into your soul, the core of who you are, what is it that you feel you must do? If you dig deep, if you surrender to the fear, to the people saying you cannot, to the notion that you are to old/young/tired/busy/poor/uneducated, if you put that all aside, what comes to the surface?

Let yourself express. Let yourself be inspired. Let yourself create.

Because you simply must.


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