Yoga Brat

I’ve become such a yoga brat.


So particular as to what teacher I take and what studio I go to. A darn snob I am.


You know what happens when you’re a yoga brat? No yoga! Because nothing will satisfy your 100 page checklist of requirements for the teacher and studio to meet. In fact those requirements don’t even exist they are so dang demanding.

And naturally, today my neck is starting to act up from lack of yoga so I did what I always do. Google all local studios within 30 minutes of me. I already know what they are but I like to see them all on one page. Then I look at each studios schedule and if there is an exact time slot I like (6:30pm) I then browse over to see who the teacher is. At that point I spend a large amount of time stalking this unknown-to-me teacher online via social media to see if she/he meets my absurd requirements. If the studio does not have my preferred timeslot or preferred class style, I send a rant email to my bff as if the studio should be able to read my mind and know what I want that particular day at that particular time.

So yoga, right? So relaxing. So go with the flow. 😉

But tonight, I am putting my yoga brat to the curb. I am going to a studio I have never been to before, to a teacher I’ve never heard of and I am not doing any social media stalking of them.

Because my body is screaming for yoga.

Because I realize I have become way too irrational about what classes I take.

And because after all it’s just a yoga class, not a 401k plan or home I am purchasing.

Its 90 much needed minutes.

So to all my fellow yoga brats out there, check yo self and get to yoga.


2 thoughts on “Yoga Brat”

  1. This made me laugh..we’re all brats about something, but its hard to stay that way wheb we bring our foolishness to light like youre doing here. May you do all the yoga your heart and body desires. 🙂


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