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over coffee project: marissa rose


Since meeting Marissa a few years ago, it has been such a joy to watch her move from Philly to California and create an inspired, active & exciting life on the West Coast. 


What does your typical day look like?

  • wake up & state one thing I’m grateful for before I check my phone
  • 7:30am make breakfast
  • 8:00am walk the beach trail by my house
  • 9:30am teach yoga in town
  • Noon lunch with a friend/meetings for #girlgetoutside
  • 5:00pm teach yoga
  • 7:00pm teach yoga
  • 8:30pm shower/read in bed
  • 10pm bedtime!

What are some interesting things that people probably do not know about you? I am from Pennsylvania and went to Penn State University for Public Relations. I actually graduated early to move to Charleston, South Carolina which is where I taught myself SUP Yoga! From there, I was found on instagram by a paddleboard company in Laguna Beach, CA and the company brought me out to teach in 2013. I’ve lived in SoCal ever since! FullSizeRender_42 Do you have any rituals/routines? I drink Yerba Mate Green Tea every single morning! I also love my morning beach walk. There is a beautiful beach trail 1/2 block from my house that I wander on without my phone, meditating on the beach and listening to the waves. What inspires you day to day? I am beyond inspired by the girls who have joined in the movement myself & Lacey Calvert created #girlgetoutside. We have 10,000 women who have taken initiative to get outside and expand their lives by exploring outdoors. It’s amazing to witness!  blog2 How do you create? I meditate to receive answers on where I am meant to lead. I know that I am meant to be a leader and that through my own vulnerability I can help initiate positive change in the world. I receive guidance first, and then create! What can we find you daydreaming about? Owning my own yoga/surf retreat in Costa Rica one day! What are some of your favorite books/websites/apps/magazines? I love for unique online yoga classes. I also read A LOT! I love anything by Louise Hay, as well as believe strongly in the work by Marianne Williamson. is incredible as well! 9fa489_c3c1d2152e3442cd94fba417d8c3ac7e_jpg_srz_632_632_75_22_0_50_1_20_0 What is the best advice you’ve ever been given? To check my bank account every day! Money does not rule my life, therefore its important for me to be aware of my spendings since my mind naturally wanders elsewhere. It has absolutely changed my savings and my finances by checking my bank statement every single day! I don’t even remember who gave me this advice, but thank you! FOLLOW MARISSA: Instagram / Yoga / #girlsgetoutside

Over Coffee Project: A weekly chat with inspirational movers and shakers of the world as well as goal setting and get it done advice. Use #overcoffeeproject to show the world the pursuit of your dreams.


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