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You can call it headspace, state of mind or mindset but knowing how you want to feel each day is vital.

By now we all pretty much know that our thoughts directly reflect in how we lead each day. When we think negative we have a pretty crappy day, when we can think positive our day tends to be more uplifting and happier. To take it a step further, when we have desired feelings that we want to bring into our lives, and we focus on them each day, they can start to show up in ways that can support you and put you on a better path to where you want to be.


This Get your notecards here. worksheet is made up of 6 little notecards. Print out the page, cut each notecard into its own piece and each morning write down your top three desired feelings for that day. Post it somewhere you will see all day long, like your computer screen or your calendar. All day long, your job is to try to bring those three feelings into everything you do. Want more grace in your life? Try sitting up straighter. Want to feel healthy? Opt for a kale salad at lunch rather than a burger. At the end of the day, reflect and toss. Tomorrow is a new day so start fresh. Get your notecards here.

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