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over coffee project: eleni of fall into london


Eleni is an amazing illustrator who lives in London. Her work is gorgeous and am I so inspired by her illustrations and designs.


What does your typical day look like?

At the moment I am working in a school during the week as I have an art school opening in mid Jan and so I’ve been working at a school to get some experience of working with children. So I’m super excited about this new business. During the evenings and on the weekend I focus on creating illustrations for my online store and working on commissioned projects. In a few months time I will go back to illustrating full time along with running the art school.

What are some interesting things that people probably do not know about you?

I worked in a job that I initially enjoyed for a few years, but during the last year or so I realized that it wasn’t for me. So I left a secure promising job to begin working as a full time illustrator. It was quite a scary time, but looking back I am so happy with that decision!


Do you have any rituals/routines?

Haha! Well every time that I tried to stick to a routine it never works. This is usually because things depend on my mood as sometimes I feel like illustrating in the early morning or very late at night! But the one ritual that I do have is that I watch Sex and the city while illustrating late at night.

What inspires you day to day?

I’m inspired by so many things around me whether it’s flicking through a fashion magazine, a great pinterest board or going for a walk across London.

How do you create? 

If I’m creating for a commissioned project, I would usually start off by making a few notes on what the client would like, what inspires them and what they love. My mind will then start creating a visual based on what they have said and I will then quickly jot down the ideas and then start sketching!


What can we find you daydreaming about?

I’m usually daydreaming about illustrations that I wish I had the time to create. I have a wall full of ideas that I have jotted down because I have the worst memory!

What are some of your favorite books/websites/apps/magazines?

My favorite book is New Earth by Eckhart Tolle, it completely opened my mind to many things which I had inklings about. I love ELLE magazine and Stylist magazine which is a London weekly fashion magazine.


What is the best advice you’ve ever been given?

”To give time, time.” This advice was given to me at a difficult time in my life when I didn’t live in the present. They are such simple words, but at the time they really helped.

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