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over coffee project: bronwyn simons


Bronwyn is a beautiful soul, artist, writer, teacher and dancer. Her work is magical and she inspires me to stay connected to my own creative self.


What does your typical day look like? My temperament is too creative and restless to do the exact same thing every day, and I have come to terms with that – I think it’s really important for us to KNOW ourselves well when we create our schedules and set our goals! That said, a normal day for me includes certain key elements:

  • Time in nature. I am blessed to live close to a beautiful Provincial Park with beach and old-growth forests, and I walk or run there almost every day with my dog. The forest and ocean feed me.
  • Creativity. Whether it is making a meal, re-arranging a bookshelf, writing an essay, or working on a painting, something creative shows up in every day.
  • Work. I am a good Taurus. Once I am “harnessed” in to my work, I am committed! So I spend many hours each day at my computer, writing, creating, or communicating.
  • Spirit. I need to commune with spirit every day. This may be just a few moments of quick connection and prayer during my run on the beach, or 15 minutes of mindfulness meditation, or a moon ritual, or some before-bed reading in a sacred text – but it happens every day.
  • Love. I need to connect with those I love. So every day I make time for a glass of wine with my BFF,  or a sushi date with my husband, Facetime with my daughter, Skype with my business partner, or a walk with a new friend. Being an introvert, I sometimes have to push myself to make this time, but it’s essential!

What are some interesting things that people probably do not know about you?

  • I am the daughter of a poet. My father, John Thompson, was an important Canadian poet, and his legacy has affected me deeply on many levels, yet I rarely share it.
  • I have always chosen an unconventional livelihood, and my work life has been really varied and exciting over the years! My day-job descriptions have included tarot reader, belly dancer, environmental activist, artist, curator, and more.
  • I love pugs. A lot. I would like to have a pug sanctuary.

unnamed4 Do you have any rituals/routines? I love my morning routine.  My version of bullet-proof coffee is my first ritual of the day. I make coffee (intelligentsia black cat espresso – its the best…) in my Italian espresso pot, steam some organic cream in my milk steamer, and mix them with organic butter, coconut oil,  raw honey, and bee pollen. I enjoy this brew in my vintage silk kimono while taking care of the first couple of hours of work on my laptop. Working in your bathrobe is way nicer if your bathrobe is beautiful!  I have some goal and intention setting rituals too ~ at the beginning of every month I create a collage/vision board for how I want to feel, what I want to experience and accomplish that month. I keep the vision board in my planner or on a little easel on my desk. It keeps me focused. I also do a New Moon Ritual every New Moon. This varies from month to month depending on the aspects, but involves me taking time to create a beautiful ritual space and write in my Moon Journal. What inspires you day to day? SOOO many things inspire me:

  • I am inspired daily by the beautiful wild island where I live ~ the ocean and the rains, the deep forest and all the creatures, ravens, eagles, sea lions and the occasional bear. The subtle changes of weather and season constantly inspire me.
  • The community of women with whom I get to work inspires me too. I am so blessed to be surrounded by super-creative women who are out to change the world and create beauty!
  • The visual beauty of the world inspires and amazes me. My artist’s eye is constantly fascinated, even by “ugly” things. I relish my visual experience of the world.

unnamed1 How do you create?  My head is ALWAYS full of ideas. I keep a few clipboards stocked with blank paper around the house and I am always filling them with scrawled notes and sketches. I never have time to implement all of my ideas! I do sometimes set aside time in the studio, but most of my creativity is spontaneous, and I’ve learned to follow the flow once it begins. I’m not talking about “waiting for inspiration,” which I don’t do and don’t recommend ~ I’m just talking about not stopping myself or critiquing myself too much when I’m in the middle of a creative flow. I think respecting our natural rhythms is an important key to accessing creativity. What can we find you daydreaming about? I daydream about spending a year in Italy. I daydream a lot about beautiful things I want to create. During our long dark rainy winters I daydream about my favourite sunny places! But a funny thing has happened as I’ve gotten older, though – I just don’t daydream as much. Not because I don’t have new dreams, I do, all the time – but because I have been able to fulfill so many of my dreams along the way. unnamed What are some of your favorite books/websites/apps/magazines? The blog that got me going on the whole idea of blogging years ago is Kimberly Wilson’s wonderful Tranquility du Jour blog. I love her podcast too! I couldn’t live without my astrologer’s weekly blog and podcast. With books I go through phases where I am fascinated with certain subjects and I get EVERY book on that subject. Right now my shelves are full of books about alternative approaches to menopause, about astrology and moon magic, and about crystals – my current obsessions! And I  have to share that my recent work with the Sacred Living Movement has opened up a whole new world of amazing creative women to me! There are so many beautiful programs within SLM, from pregnancy and birth to parenting and couples and aromatherapy and ayurveda, herbal wisdom and lots of other gorgeous things! I am immersing myself in all of this now! What is the best advice you’ve ever been given? Oh my goodness. I couldn’t choose just one piece of advice. I can tell you that the most powerful pieces of life-wisdom that guide me have ALL come from dharma – that is from Buddhist wisdom writings, both ancient and contemporary. The work of Chogyam Trungpa and Pema Chodron have been especially influential in how I live my life. unnamed5 Follow Bronwyn: blog / facebook / instagram   Over Coffee Project: A weekly chat with inspirational movers and shakers of the world as well as goal setting and get it done advice. Use #overcoffeeproject to show the world the pursuit of your dreams.


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