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OCP | Beginners Guide to Goal Setting

A big part of the #overcoffeeproject is goal setting. Today I want to share with you goal setting at its basic form; the top layer. A way for you to get your toes wet in the sparkling waters of transformation, change and life enhancements.


Step Number One: Pinpoint your sore spots.

This is quite possible the hardest part of the whole process. It’s pretty easy to band-aide your pain, act like it’s not there, but the problem with covering up and pretending is that nothing will ever change if you keep doing that. If you really want change, you’ll have to dig deep and figure out what areas in your life are not working. From work to relationships to space, what is not working, what is causing you unnecessary stress?

Step Number Two: Feel

Now it’s time to daydream. How do you want to feel each and every day? How do you want to wake up and go to sleep feeling? Graceful, healthy, happy, secure, loved, a part of a community, free, creative…how do you want to feel. No need to be minimal here, load ‘em up.

Step Number Three: Action Steps

Now you know what you need to let go of in your life and what you want to bring into your life. Now you will need to create action steps to make them happen. Let’s say you chose healthy as one of your ‘feel’s’, what action steps do you need to take in order to feel healthy? It might be eliminating processed foods from your diet or going to yoga 3x a week. Get specific here, you wouldn’t just want to say lose weight because that is too vague. You can’t just lose weight, you need to do something in order to lose weight so write what you would do.

Step Number Four: Time Frame

Goals without a time frame are just dreams. You’ll want to set a start date, evaluation date and ideal completion date. This will give you time to prepare for your start, evaluate somewhere in the middle what is working and what is not, and have a date you want to complete your goal by. In sticking with the feel healthy goal, let’s say you typically take a yoga class 2-3 times a month and part of feeling healthy to you means going to yoga more, I wouldn’t jump right into going to yoga 5 days a week, that’s a lot and you will be over it so quickly, start with going to yoga once a week. When you are consistent with going once a week, go twice a week, and so on. Make those mini-goals within your bigger goal.

Step Number Five: Action!

It’s time to put the pedal to the metal and take action. Begin, start, activate; this is the most exciting part. Beginnings are always thrilling, and once you figure out the nitty gritty details, it’s pretty easy to begin. The hard part is staying with it. Find yourself an accountability partner, someone who will keep you on track and headed towards the direction you want to go in.

Share your goal setting with the world by using #overcoffeeproject. We want to see you sparkle.


Over Coffee Project: A weekly chat with inspirational movers and shakers of the world as well as goal setting and get it done advice. Use #overcoffeeproject to show the world the pursuit of your dreams.


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