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From living in places like New York, Paris, California and now Australia, to having an incredible sense of style, Lei Lei is my fashion and wanderlust role model. 


What does your typical day look like?

  • 5:30am – My day begins with Bandit, my kitten, prodding my face to wake me up.
  • 5:40am – Bandit succeeds and I get up to go for a walk along the South Perth Foreshore.
  • 6:30am – Back home for breakfast which is either a green smoothie or poached eggs and stove top espresso and soy. 
  • 7:00am – I answer any emails, check Instagram and update my blog.
  • 8:00am – I drive to work, Australian shoe company Betts Group, where I manage two of their online stores; ZU Shoes and Airflex.
  • 5:30pm – The work day is over, time for home. If there’s a fashion or food event on I head there, otherwise I go home to cook dinner, blog and catch up on a television series with my fiancé.
  • 10:00pm – Off to bed!

What are some interesting things that people probably do not know about you? 

I have lived in five cities around the world. My love for travel and discovering new places began when I was fifteen when I went on exchange to Brussels in Belgium. From then on, any chance I got, I wanted to explore new places. 

I was an Au Pair in Paris for a year, I went on exchange to University of California Santa Barbara for a year and in 2010 I moved to New York City for two years. My latest adventure, and where I am currently living is Perth, Western Australia. Being from Melbourne, Victoria originally, Perth is very isolated from the rest of Australia, but it is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen.


Do you have any rituals/routines?

My weekday routine begins with a morning walk along South Perth foreshore overlooking the river and city.  My current weekend summer routine starts with a swim at the beach, brunch and then a grocery shop for the week ahead!

What inspires you day to day?

Trying new things inspires me. Whether it’s travelling, meeting new people, learning a new skill or discovering someplace new.


How do you create?

Before I create, I gather ideas. My ideas often sprout from random places; from a book I’m reading, an old movie or an image I saw somewhere. The best ideas come out of the blue, usually when I’m about to fall asleep. I keep a notebook and pen next to my bed so I write down the idea before it slips away.

What can we find you daydreaming about?

I am always daydreaming about travel. My dream is to make travel part of my career one day!


What are some of your favorite books/websites/apps/magazines?

My favourite Australian bloggers are The Chronicles of Her, Harper and Harley, Margaret Zhang and Gary Pepper. Their content is excellent and very inspiring. 

I am also obsessed with Australia wedding magazine Hello May and Elle Wedding UK! Usually I am an avid fashion magazine reader but wedding magazines have taken over as I’m planning my wedding for 2016!


What is the best advice you’ve ever been given?

Keep striving for more in life and take risks, you never know what might happen.

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