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OCP: Core Desired Feelings


One of my biggest takeaways from Danielle LaPorte is figuring out your core desired feelings. This has been a huge help in goal setting and getting clear on how I want to feel. These are my three core desired feelings for 2015.

Radiant Spirit


Radiant Spirit is endless laughter with the people I love. Colorful, soul filling foods every day. Sweaty yoga practices. Creative projects. Days spent soaking up the sunshine and salt water. Being silly with my niece. Stargazing next to a crackling bonfire.

Inspired Community


Inspired Community is teaching powerful yoga classes and workshops. Writing pieces that stir and inspire action. Connecting with a service project close to my heart. Creating space for women to share, support, dream and plan.

Limitless Freedom


Limitless Freedom is stepping outside of my comfort zone and going for it. Being financially secure and free of all debt. Spending every single minute doing exactly what makes me happy. Exploring and discovering new places. Going on spontaneous adventures. Letting go of my anxieties and fears.

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Over Coffee Project: A weekly chat with inspirational movers and shakers of the world as well as goal setting and get it done advice. Use #overcoffeeproject to show the world the pursuit of your dreams.

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