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OCP: Goal List

My goal setting process is moving right along smoothly.

Friday I sat down and got clear on my Core Desired Feelings, how I wanted to feel each and every day. I chose three main desired feelings (read them here) which lead me into more specific goals.


In the true fashion of manifesting, I decided to share with you my newly fresh goal list. Hot off the press. I decided to share for two reasons: 1. Sharing creates accountability and lets the world know I mean business 2. I hope this gives you a short guideline/example of how you can create your goal list. I focused solely on what my current pain points are (location, business, cause and setting). These are the areas in my life that currently don’t feel so smooth and stable and are causing me some sort of anxiety and frustration. More specifically, they are areas in my life that I don’t 100% love, that I need to focus more on and that I need to change or improve.

Live close to the ocean (within walking or biking distance)

I want to always have salt in my hair, sand in my toes and sun kissed skin. As a kid, I spent summers on our family boat at Long Beach Island (NJ). To this day, I try to spend every warm weekend on LBI. The ocean is my calm, my serenity, my most joyful place to be. And I don’t want to just feel that on weekends in the summer, I want to feel it every second of my life, every breath I take, every time I step outside. I’m over the cold winters (typing this on a One Degree morning), I want an endless summer.

Open a successful yoga studio / supportive community

A place for people to call home. Naturally this will be very near to my future beach cottage. A community driven yoga studio near the ocean that supports and inspires.

Host a sold out yoga retreat(s)

At the beach, of course. I have a huge fear with this one. That I will advertise for this amazing yoga retreat and no one will sign up, which is why I made this goal a “sold out” yoga retreat and not just to host a yoga retreat.

Host over coffee project goal setting sessions

5-8 women gathering to discuss and plan dreams/goals in a supportive group setting.

Create over coffee project online course

For those who cannot attend the gatherings, a way to plan dreams/goals with a guide to follow.

Create free material to spread my reach

Mediations, yoga pose breakdowns, goal setting guides, interviews and more.

Go to yoga 2x a week

My practice has slipped and I find my body aching for yoga. Ideally I’d like to take 3-4 classes a week but starting with 2x a week is a more reasonable approach for me. That will allow me to still have time to go to the gym and do other activities that I love like dancing. I’d also like to start a short 10-15 minute yoga practice every morning.

Rebrand beSOULful detox

I never liked the word detox or cleanse so I want to rebrand it into something a little different.

Create a full online wellness program

Fitness/Healthy Eating program to allow people to feel radiant and meet their health goals.

Get outside more

walk, a bike ride, lounging, just to be in nature more because it makes me happy.

Cause | Service

Find an ocean related cause to support & love. One that connects with my values and core beliefs.


I’m going to sit with these goals for the next week or so, make any changes or additions that I feel I need to make and then when the list feels completely right I will add dates to each goal. Start dates, check in dates and completion dates. These are my main goals and each one will create smaller, more realistic goals within. For example, I know opening a yoga studio is still a few years away for me but that doesn’t mean I can’t still be working towards it by paying off my debt, saving and creating my vision for it. Those two things will become smaller goals within the bigger goal of opening a studio.

Keep following #overcoffeeproject to learn the next steps in my goal setting process and how you can implement it in your life!

In the meantime, I’d love to see your goal list! Post on my facebook, tag me on your instagram or send to me on twitter. Be sure to use the hashtag #overcoffeeproject

Stay Warm,



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