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over coffee project: lauren felix


From fashion to social media Lauren shows you how to live & love life in style (while on a budget)!


What does your typical day look like?

I usually start my day out with a cup of hot coffee & a luna bar and make out my to-do list for the day. I get joy out of crossing each thing off my list and it helps me stays organized and feel more accomplished! I usually check emails & then work on various projects throughout the day. It might be shooting an outfit for a blog campaign, having a phone call with a social media strategy client, or something less exciting like bookkeeping! I also love when I can fit in a lunch hour yoga break, it helps me refocus and relax!

What are some interesting things that people probably do not know about you?

I’m a huge “nerd” at heart and proud of it! Sci fi movies are my guilty pleasure, my boyfriend and I watch them all the time.


Do you have any rituals/routines?

Something new I’ve been trying for 2015 is a daily positive mantra. I’ve been writing them in my planner, and I absolutely love that constant happy reminder each day!

What inspires you day to day?

I’m continuously inspired by my peers in the blogging and small business industry! I love seeing what creative projects everyone is  working on – whether it’s a recipe they’ve dreamt up, do it yourself project, or outfit.  I am a big believer in lifting each other up to be successful!


How do you create?

When it comes to business or blogging I’m big on brainstorming. That’s usually the first step in the process. I like putting pen to paper and let the ideas flow. From there, I choose the best and get to work. Sometimes that means I’m breaking out my camera to take photos,  other times I’m putting on some inspiring music and tweaking my website.  Also, because I work in social media I’m always on my computer- so I love being creative & crafty and unplugging.

What can we find you daydreaming about?

Lately I’ve been dreaming about traveling and what my dream home would look like. I’m also constantly dreaming about how I want to evolve my business and brand. 


What are some of your favorite books/websites/apps/magazines?

I’m on a huge podcast kick right now. I’ve been listening to The Lively Show & She Did It Her Way. I’ve also been reading Gabby Bernstein’s “Miracles Now” & Lara Casey’s “Make it Happen“. 

What is the best advice you’ve ever been given?

“Start before you’re ready!” – Don’t wait for the perfect circumstances to fall into place, put your heart and passion into whatever you want to accomplish.

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