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asana breakdown: arm balance gaze

@Laughing Buddha Hot Yoga

I have so much fun with arm balances. Even if I fall ten times trying to get into something, it’s always fun to keep playing.

Eye gaze in arm balances are pretty important. 

When starting out or even when you’re tired and exhausted, the tendency is to start to look straight down or even towards your belly button.  What happens when you look down? You fall down.

In arm balances, your gaze should always be looking forward, about six inches to a foot is the general rule of thumb, however pick a natural comfortable distance for yourself.  By looking forward you will keep your shoulders up, the weight forward in your hands and length in your spine.  All which will help with stability and balance.

@Moonshine Power Yoga
@Moonshine Power Yoga

Give it a try in a few different arm balances and let me know if you notice a difference!

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