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bonjour beautiful: simple luxury

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Welcome to the first letter of bonjour beautiful.

This week is all about luxury, simple luxury.  It’s about finding little ways to bring richness and rarity into your life when you’re feeling least luxurious.

For me two of these simple luxuries are my L’Occitaine Shea Butter Hand Cream and my Smith’s Rosebud Lip gloss.  Simple, right?

I keep both of these in my desk at work.  Anytime I need a break, a sense of enjoyment, a brief moment of luxury I turn around, open my drawer and break out these two simple joys.  I soak up the scent and the richness of the L’Occitaine Hand Cream and the Rosebud Lip Gloss instantly gives a perk.  It’s one minute of delight that makes my least luxurious moments feel filled with luxury.

Now it’s your turn. What makes you feel luxurious and rich?  It does not have to be a product it could be as simple as adding cucumber to your water glass or a post it note with your favorite inspiring quote that takes you someplace else if only for a moment.  Whatever it is, take this week to start to make it a daily habit when you need a sense of luxury to allow yourself the 5 minutes to do just that, whatever that is for you!

Take a picture of your simple luxury and post to the bonjour beautiful community on all social media platforms with the hashtag #bonjourbeautiful

Happy Monday and have a lovely week,

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