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asana breakdown: wide-legged forward bend

A wide-legged forward fold a day keeps the doctor away.

or something like that. 

All I know is that this pose is glorious and a must needed daily pose for me.

When you move into this pose there is a tendency to place all the weight in your heels.  Why? Because if feels safer.  Shifting the weight forward into your toes makes you feel like you might tumble forward and fall.  The problem here is that by putting the weight into your heels you’re actually making the pose harder then it is.

So how to correct this?

In wide-legged forward bend inhale half way up so your fingertips are on the ground, blocks are helpful here.  From half way up, play with shifting the weight from your heels to your toes, rock back and forth a few times until you feel comfortable enough to stay forward into the balls of your feet, right under your toes.  Then exhale all the way down while rooting in all corners of your feet.

In the first picture my weight is in my heels, in the second picture my weight is in the balls of my feet. See how far back my hips are in picture one compared to picture two?

photo 1

photo 2

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