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asana breakdown: the triangle pose floor touch

oh triangle pose, how I love thee. 

Ever feel though that it is a big struggle to touch the floor?

If you said “yes” to the above question I have exciting news for you.  You don’t actually have to touch the floor.  Yes, it is true.  Touching the floor does not make you a better yogi/person/athlete/kale drinking hot momma.  Most of the time all it makes you is unaligned.

See below picture of my misalignment when I try to touch the floor.

photo 2 photo 3

I start caving in, over extending and throwing of my shoulders and balance. Because touching the floor for me these days is just not gonna happen.

Now look what happens when I bring my hand to my shin (blocks placed on the outside of the foot are wonderful here too).

photo 4 photo 1s

Now that’s sweet sweet alignment joy. My shoulders are happy, my hips are feeling open and I can find more length in my spine while keeping my balance.

If you can touch the floor and keep aligned then by golly go for it. But if you’re like me and have to leave forward in order to touch the floor, grab a block or your shin and lean it back.


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