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bonjour beautiful: slowly savor

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I recently witnessed an around 10 year old boy eating a piece of cheesecake with such relish and pure delight, I couldn’t stop staring.

Every single tiny bite he took his face would be filled with awe and amazement over how wonderful the cheesecake was. He ate it slowly and deliberately like he was drinking a glass of fine wine or driving a luxury one of a kind car. He was savoring slowly. 

If you have kids or have ever been around kids, that is a hard thing for a 10 year old boy to do!  But there he was, slowly eating this delicious piece of cheesecake.

It reminded me of times when I loved something so much I never wanted it to end.  A great book, a weekend at the beach, an evening surrounded with your favorite people.  It reminded me of how many times I rushed through something good because I was too busy to slow down. All the times I didn’t stop and enjoy something because too much was going on around me.

And even though this little boy was in a loud, crowded restaurant, he was in his own little world eating that cheesecake.

This week’s focus will be on savoring slowly.  Not just food, but really everything we do throughout the day.  Finding the delight in everything and fully being completely in the present moment no matter what is going on around you.

Find your inner 10-year-old-eating-cheesecake.

Happy Savoring,



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