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10 Yoga Related Items You Don’t Need (The Anti New-Yogi Gift Guide)


Tis the season for shopping and it got me thinking….

There is about to be a huge push of yoga related products coming our way and it’s a bunch of stuff we don’t actually need to get started practicing yoga.

When it comes to starting a new activity, I tend to feel the need to buy an item or two in order to get excited about and commemorate starting a new venture.  When I started running, I thought I absolutely needed a cool running watch. Now I don’t even know where that watch is because I realized it is easier to just use my phone (also, I don’t even run anymore).  When I started yoga, I definitely needed a $108 dollar decorative mala necklace because HELLO that is truly what will allow me to find inner peace.  Insert eye roll.

So in honor of stepping back from the “I absolutely need this item in order to make my yoga practice complete” here are 10 yoga related items that you don’t need at all to start practicing yoga.

  1. Mediation cushion: I have one and I love it when it’s the twice a year that I actually meditate at home. But really it’s a pillow, and I’m sure you have at least 8 pillows in your home. So grab one, put it under your butt and voila, you have yourself a meditation cushion.
  2. Expensive Fashion Mala: I bet you’ll pay $108 for it (because that is the magical yoga number so it means it’s extra inner-peace worthy). You’ll be too scared to actually use it to meditate because it cost so much money.
  3. Leg warmers: They are super cute, I know. But to actually practice in leg warmers is a pain. If you’re always cold, wear thicker pants and leave the leg warmers to the ballerinas.
  4. Dharma Wheel: These are all the rage now. And they seem pretty awesome. But any similar size ball that you probably have floating around in your garage will do comparable effects.
  5. 84,361,894 Water Bottles: Because you will only take one with you at a time, maybe two… #nuffsaid
  6. Latest and greatest yoga mat: There are a million different kinds of mats out there and for the most part as long as they are sticky they are good. If you have one that works, why get another kind?
  7. Bolster: See #1. Grab a bigger pillow from your living room/bedroom and place where needed.
  8. Yoga Socks/Gloves: You know those sticky on one side gloves and socks that are supposed to make you not slip in downdog and such. Use your bandhas darling and just say no to gloves & socks.
  9. Self-Help Books That Everyone Else is Reading: I love a good self-help book. But I’ve wasted a lot of money on books that I knew I wouldn’t like but bought it anyway because everyone else seemed to be reading it. I would try to like it but end up not being able to get past the first few chapters. Read what you love and leave the rest in the bookstore for someone else.
  10. Green Juice: $9+ for a beverage is insane. All I have to say about this is don’t feel obligated to drink green juice after yoga. There are many other equally healthy (if not healthier) cheaper options to get more bang for your buck.

 Save your money for those much needed yoga retreats that you’re absolutely going to want to take!

2 thoughts on “10 Yoga Related Items You Don’t Need (The Anti New-Yogi Gift Guide)”

  1. He he — this made me laugh! I think you’ve got a point. But I can’t agree on the meditation cushion. Try sitting more than 5 minutes on a regular pillow and you don’t stay as comfy (and non-distracted) as on a firm cushion!


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