Just Picture It (a #SelfieRevolution)

How many times do you take a picture of yourself or see a picture of yourself and think, EW!

A week or so ago I was hanging out with my 6 year old niece Hannah and we did what any gal’s would do…took selfies.

When looking back at the photos we had taken my niece started saying “ew” to every single picture. I’m not sure she was even looking at them or understood why she was saying “ew”. It was automatic, like she thought it’s what you’re supposed to do when you look at a picture of yourself.

Jump to an hour or so later, I told my fiancé to take a picture of me and Hannah. I looked at the pictures and immediately starting saying “ew!”. My fiancé reminded me that I had just told my niece to not say that and here I was saying it….

Like it or not, we are in the selfie world. A world where we take hundreds of pictures of ourselves just to get the exact lighting, focus, tilt of our head, bend of our knee, absolute perfect angle. We are so quick to judge these pictures of ourselves, so quick to think they are ugly or not good enough. And now, that thought pattern is trickling down to our children.

If not liking your own pictures doesn’t bother you, then your children not liking their own pictures should.

That’s when #SelfieRevolution needs to begin. If you notice on my Instagram, I have started posting not so perfect photos of myself. Because life is not perfect. Life is not the sunlight hitting you just perfectly in the face with an Instagram filter to hide your blemish.

So here’s your takeaway. The next time you take a photo of yourself, love it, not matter how bad you automatically might want to think it is.





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