10 Ways to Make Yourself Feel Beautiful

Yesterday amid the Holiday shopping chaos of my local TJMaxx, I spotted a young girl about 7 or so putting on tinted chapstick and then smiling at herself in the mirror.

She was feeling beautiful.  And you could see it in her smile.


Seeing that girl reminded me of the importance of feeling beautiful all the time and how easy it is to forget that self-care is significant in overall wellbeing.  It made me realize that there are so many little touches that can be sprinkled throughout the day to make anyone feel beautiful.

Next time you’re running out the door, or feeling less than beautiful, take a moment to see if you can make a tiny adjustment to uplift your spirits and feel beautiful.

Here are ten things that help me but I’d love to know your secret ways!

  1. Lipstick (or tinted chapstick as this beautiful girl demonstrated)
  2. Perfume Oil – I think there is something much more beautiful about perfume oil rather than perfume spray. Perfume oil is more discreet and subtle. Put some on your wrists and throughout the day get a delicate hint of a lovely fragrance
  3. Heels with a t-shirt and jeans. Because if the French can pull it off, so can we.
  4. Glass of Rose Champagne
  5. Sparklingly water with a lime slice
  6. Listen to classic jazz or piano music
  7. Good posture
  8. Decadent dessert
  9. Fresh Flowers
  10. Painted nails


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