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The Meditation of Cardio

Before we get down to the good stuff I have a favor to ask of you. I would be so elated if you could take a few minutes to answer the following questions.  You can submit via this online questionnaire.  These questions will help to make sure I am properly aligning with your needs and wants with my website, emails and programs.

Now. The good stuff. Aka The Meditation of Cardio.

I’m not a fan of cardio.  Like I literally want to have a throw myself on the floor, kick and scream toddler tantrum every time I have to do cardio.  Don’t make me do it!

But I’ve come to mentally understand that cardio is a necessary evil.  So I’ve started doing sprints on a stationary bike at the gym which was nearly unbearable in the beginning. Truth.

Until I learned to change my mindset about it.

It’s so easy to trick yourself into thinking you can’t do something.  When I do cardio I only think about everything negative going on in that moment.  My thoughts are pure dislike so of course I wouldn’t enjoy cardio.  To flip the switch, I decided I would do 10 sets of 1 minute go all out bike sprints with a 30 second rest in between each minute.  15 minutes total minutes. Manageable; even for the cardio haters.


I put my headphones in, blasted some Missy Elliot Get Cha Freak On and began.  I stared at one spot on the bike, focused solely on my breath and used the mantra “Just one minute”.  I only had to go all out for one minute, and then I could get a break.  I could do that. 

The first minute flew by and before I knew it I was accidentally going over my minute.  I was deeply focused. I was meditating and fully, completely in my zone.  Someone could have fallen off the bike next to me and I wouldn’t have even noticed.  I had no awareness of what was going on around me, the only thing that existed in that moment was my breath and my mantra.

Take away:  Meditation does not have to mean sitting in stillness with your hands on your knees and repeating “OM”.  Meditation can come in many forms and it can be a big advantage to switching your mindset from hating something to loving something.

Homework:  Pick an activity you don’t love, set a goal, create a mantra and get to it!  Let me know how it goes.


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