Spring Clean Your Yoga Practice

We have less than a month left of Spring so in true Spring fashion it’s time for some cleaning, yoga style!


You might have found your yoga style that you love and only practice that particular style every single time you step onto your mat. But it might not be what you actually need.

You see, in the winter I crave power yoga, in the spring I crave Ashtanga, in the summer I crave a slower vinyasa or even yin class. But each season I’m checking in, doing some cleaning and giving myself the practice that best compliments my needs at that moment.

Take the rest of Spring to try new styles, explore and play. Check in and figure out what makes you feel really good and what doesn’t.  What challenges you just enough to play with your edge or what is way too easy for you.

Here are some styles that I love. You should be able to find some if not all of these styles relatively close to your town.

Ashtanga – Traditional style yoga in a slightly heated room. Follows the same sequence no matter the teacher but can be modified based on students level.

Hot Vinyasa – Vigorous practice in heated room. Class sequence will change depending on teachers style.

Bikram – Series of 26 postures in a heavily heated room. Follows the same posture sequence no matter the teacher.

Kundalini – Classic yoga poses, dynamic breathing, mediation and chanting.

Yin – Poses are held for longer periods of time to focus on connective tissues and fascia.

Restorative – Props are used to remove any strain from the body. Poses are held for longer periods of time.

Power Yoga – Vigorous practice in heated room. Follows the same general sequence with a few added poses depending on the teacher.

Budokon – Begins with sun salutations followed by martial arts and dance line movement.

Jivamukti – Vinyasa class with a deep focus in meditation, chanting and pranayama.

I always recommend students try different styles of yoga as well as different teachers. Especially for a based vinyasa yoga, you might dislike the teacher but that doesn’t necessarily mean you dislike the style.  Each teacher will have their own unique personality that will show through their teaching.  When you find a teacher/style you connect with, you’ll know!


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