When to Re-Evaluate Your Training Style

You all know by now I hate running, despite the years of me trying to trick myself into loving it. I don’t get any joy from it, and it took me years to realize that was ok.

It’s ok to not like running. It’s ok to not like (insert your dreaded training here).

The first time I realized training could actually be fun was yoga. I could laugh at myself when I fell, push myself to my absolute limit and surprise myself by going past my edge.  It was challenging and fun.  Same with the barbell and kettlebells.  I was enjoying it, craving it, learning about it and wanting to practice it every chance I could get.  They give me energy and inspire me to keep training.

And that is the main goal here, to do something that inspires you, gives you energy and makes you want to keep doing it. Because if you are not having fun doing it, what the heck is the point?

If you find yourself dreading your training on a daily basis, skipping it, or even if it is just making you feel exhausted and tired, it might be time to re-evaluate your training. It might just be that you need a break from it or maybe it’s just not the right training for you. And that’s ok.  Find something you love, that gives you joy and makes you want to do it again and again.

Quick Tricks to Loving Your Training:

  • Try a new style of Yoga
  • Take it outside; whatever form of training you are doing inside, try doing it outside for a change of scenery
  • Take on a new training style completely. Never lifted a barbell? Get a trial membership at the gym and give it a lift
  • Train with friends

Author: bonjourb.

dreamer. writer. yogi. Francophile.


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